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Humidification Systems

Humidification is the process of increasing the amount of moisture in the air. Low relative humidity is not only uncomfortable but is also damaging to equipment and materials. If the atmosphere is too dry, moisture is drawn from surrounding materials within the area such as furniture, textiles, paper, fruit, animals and even people. These negative effects can be prevented by increasing the humidity level. A higher humidity level can also reduce fire risk and static electricity.

Our sonicom fogging nozzle produces ultra fine fogs down to only 1 micron (0.001mm). This soft plume or fog remains in suspension until evaporation takes place. This is ideal for increasing the level of relative humidity within a room as it doesn't cause wet areas or water drop out. When paired with our unique valve assembly, the unit becomes a highly efficient non-drip, self cleaning atomiser.


  • Less than 5 micron droplets
  • Non-Drip and Self-Cleaning Nozzles
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Significant cooling effect
  • Saves up to 90% on steam energy

Automotive Humidification Systems

Numerous processes in the Automotive industry benefit from a humidity control system. From reducing paint evaporation to suppressing airborne dust in the sanding and finishing areas, a J D UltraSonics humidification system can address these problems and in turn reduce plant costs. For further information, visit our Automotive Humidification page.

Cold Store Humidification

As cold air is unable to hold as much mositure as warm air, ambient air entering a cold store will cause condensation. The warmer ambient air will also absorb moisture from produce which result in weight loss and therefore financial loss. Our humidification system can help these issues. For further information, visit our Humidity Control for Cold Stores page.

Humidity Control for Horticulture

A fogging system has many uses in the horticulture industry. Our humidifcation systems can raise humidity levels without causing excessive wetting and also provide a signification cooling effect. For further information, visit our Horticulture Humidification page.

Humidification for Mushrooms

A J D UltraSonics humidification system tores delivers significant advantages to the grower by both improving the growing conditions and saving up to 90% on steam energy. Our systems are easily integrated and can be easily modified at any time. For further information, visit our Mushrooom Humidification page.

Printing Humidification Systems

Paper curl, cracking during folding, static, and airborne dust are all problems caused by dry air in the printing industry. Introducing humidity into the workplace with our humidification systems solves such quality problems and makes the working conditions more comfortable. For further information, visit our Humidity Control for Printing page.

Timber Humidity Control

Mainting the correct level of humidity in the timber and wood industry is important to prevent quality issues with products such as shrinking and cracking. A J D UltraSonics humidification system will not only maintain the optimum humidity level, but will also help suppress any airborne dust. For further information, visit our Timber Humidity Control page.

Tobacco Humidification

Maintaining the correct relative humidity during tobacco and cigarette production is crucial for retaining the quality of the product. Shrinkage, flaking, brittleness, splitting and weight loss all result if the environment becomes too dry. For further information, visit our Tobacco Humidification page.