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Mushroom Humidification


Traditionally, humidification within mushroom houses has been performed using steam as most farms already have steam piped to individual growing rooms for humidity and cook-out purposes.

However, the downside to steam usage becomes evident when ambient temperatures are high and steam is injected into rooms to raise the humidity level. In turn the room temperature rises further causing additional problems and cooling units have to be switch on to reduce the temperature situation. Not only has the high cost of producing steam been applied, but further energy costs are incurred to reduce temperatures accordingly.

The use of sonicom nozzles within spawn runners, growing rooms and even refrigeration stores delivers significant advantages to the grower by both improving the growing conditions and saving up to 90% on steam energy. Connection into existing computer control systems is simple as only a single on/off signal is required.

We recommend the nozzle is mounted in the polythene duct as the ultra-fine droplets will float along the length of the duct gradually expelling out into the room. One nozzle per 500m² of growing surface is a general guide. However, this can vary depending on location and climate conditions and the type of mushroom being grown. Additional nozzles can be added at any time by simply teeing into the existing pipework.