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About Us

J D UltraSonics Limited are leading European Agents for the unique range of sonicom ultrasonic humidifiers, atomising and fogging nozzles.

Based in the UK, the company is ideally placed to interlink facilities across the country to draw on a wealth of experience and technologies operating as a completely unified entity, from research & development to worldwide service.

A Brief

J D UltraSonics traces its heritage from the 1960’s when our partners in the USA first established the manufacture of nozzles for scrubber technology used for particulate and acid gas emission control as well as spray nozzle system applications, including evaporative cooling of process gases, combustion, spray drying and gas conditioning cooling towers. The company also traces its history through Lucas Industries before establishing itself as an independent player and an integral part of the spray technology industry.

Applications &

Proven applications include dust suppression, humidity control, cooling, odour control, disinfection, recycling, food, steel, chemical, quarrying, mining and automotive industries.

Our creative engineers are constantly designing and installing systems within many industrial and commercial sectors who demand the highest degree of controls for their processes. Customers derive cost benefits from decreased water usage and energy efficiencies through well designed specifications.


Our partnerships with selected engineering service providers allow us to offer total solutions, integrating our spraying products into both new and existing processes.

Extensive engineering design includes fluidics, mechanical, electrical and installation. These specialties are offered to customers as a complete package, ensuring the best solution is supplied for any given project.


J D Ultrasonics has built a strong reputation over 25 years for service, quality and reliability. Supplying clients throughout the world who rely on dependable spraying technology is assured, through years of in-house design and manufacturing by experienced staff and field engineers.