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Automated Spraying Systems


Automated Variable Spraying Systems provide an advanced, self-contained unit capable of accurate and consistent control for the spraying of liquids and other viscous solutions in many spray applications.

The system is supplied with precision spray nozzles selected specifically for each application and fluid delivery. The variable spray controller unit complete with an HMI touch screen panel is supplied fully programmed.

Each system is available with pre-set spraying software allowing for easy, error free operator use and complete automation which can be linked to the production process machinery or software.

Every enquiry and application is treated on an individual basis to tailor the system to meet customer’s processes in applications such as coating, cooling, filling and cleaning while gaining quick payback for little investment.

Various mounting configurations are available for ease of integration and installation into existing production layouts.

The AVSS is available either as a two panel system mounted on a robust wheeled trolley for ease of moving and positioning or as a single panel which can be machine or wall mounted.

The mobile unit can be custom designed to cater for specific requirements while the machine/wall mounted panel offers an all in one control system with only the fluid delivery system mounted on a stand alone platform.

Automated Spraying System


  • Touch screen for ease of use
  • Tailored design
  • Integrated fluid delivery
  • Pre-set pressure for rapid, accurate production changes
  • Simple pressure modification or addition
  • Automatic filling
  • Low level alarm