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Micro Fine

Dry fog nozzles for cleaner, healthier environments

Ultrasonic Nozzles
& Atomisers

J D UltraSonics Limited are leading European agents for the unique range of sonicom ultrasonic humidifiers, atomising and fogging nozzles.

Based in the UK, our range of air assisted spray nozzles and atomisers produce micro fine droplets to give a true dry fog for humidification, dust suppression and evaporative gas cooling.

Sonicom Ultrasonic Dry Fog Nozzle Assembly

Featured Markets


Our humidification system raises humidity levels without causing wetting while also having a cooling effect.

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Our dry fog system controls respirable airborne dust in areas such as transfer points, crushers and screens.

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Cold Stores

Reduce weight loss from produce while also improving its shelf life by maintaining the correct humidity level.

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Our humidity systems offers improved growing conditions and a saving of up to 90% on steam energy.

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