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Sonicom Ultrasonic Nozzle


Sonicom ultrasonic nozzles are activated by pressurised gas; either compressed air or steam. Air passes through the nozzle’s inner bore through a convergent/divergent section at high velocities and expands into a resonator cavity where it is reflected back to complement and amplify the primary shock wave. The result is an intensified field of sonic energy focused between the nozzle body and the resonator cap.

Any liquid capable of being pumped into the shock wave is vigorously sheared into fine droplets by the acoustic field. Air bypassing the resonator carries the atomised droplets downstream in a soft plume shaped spray. The droplets have low mass and low forward velocity with low impingement characteristics. Fine atomisation ensures uniform distribution of the liquid with minimum over spray and waste.

Sonicom atomising nozzles operate at very low liquid pressures and have large orifices. The large orifices and low pressure virtually eliminate orifice wear and prevent deterioration of the quality of atomisation while significantly extending nozzle life.

The great advantage of sonicom atomising nozzles is their ability to provide a consistent quality of atomisation over a wide flow range. Turndown ratios of 50 to 1 are possible. By varying air pressure, atomisation quality can be varied from coarse (50 to 300 microns) to an ultra-fine dry fog (1 to 10 microns).

Technical Data

Body: 316 Stainless Steel
Resonator Wire: 304 Stainless Steel
Seals: Viton - Silicone Optional
Weight: 30 grams
Ultrasonic Nozzle
Sonicom Nozzle
Dry Fog Nozzle


  • Long life
  • Large liquid ports
  • Easy to clean


Sonicom ultrasonic nozzle data sheet