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Non-Drip Valve


The unique sonicom non-drip liquid valve has been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by J D UltraSonics to improve the performance and life of the general range of sonicom nozzles.

The principle purpose of the valve is to simplify control by utilising the back pressure created from a single compressed air supply which is common with the atomising air. The air causes a piston arrangement in the head of the valve to advance and push an internal spindle down through the main body. This in turn lifts a poppet assembly at the base of the valve off it’s seat and liquid is allowed to flow through to the nozzle cavity.

When the air signal is removed at source the pressure falls and as it decays below a nominal 2.5 bar, the three internal springs close the poppet, lift the spindle, return the piston and interrupt the liquid flow.

All engineered components are manufactured from stainless steel with stainless springs and viton seals, the valve will operate over a temperature range of -20° to 180°C.

Air and liquid ports are female 1/8”BSP parallel to accept various types of fittings. Two Ø5mm clear through holes within the main body of the valve provide a solid mounting platform for direct mounting or onto the standard stainless steel swivel bracket available as an option.

Technical Data

Body: 316 Stainless Steel
Seals: Viton
Temperature Range: -20° to +180°C
Weight: 425 gms
Non-Drip Valve
Mounting Bracket


  • Reliably engineered
  • Long life
  • Easy to mount
  • Common to the nozzle range


Sonicom valve data sheet