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Screen Dust Suppression


Because the water consumption of an ultrasonic dry fog nozzle is extremely low and droplet size is reduced to less than 5 microns, such nozzles can be utilised above screens and in the roof areas of screen houses without concern for over wetting and build-up of clogged fines in the mesh of the screen itself.

By raising the humidity level of the air in a screen house, airborne fines will be suppressed down to ground level thus avoiding health & safety concerns for employees.

Nozzles mounted above or around the screen areas will suppress dust clouds created due to the particulates being encouraged to be become airborne through vibration and natural fall of the conveying bulk. Truly effective suppression is difficult to achieve above a screen due to the openness of such equipment and general air movement. However, the use of additional nozzles in the roof area will help with suppression.

The spray pattern of nozzles should be generated so that all fugitive dust emissions are forced to pass through the blanket of fog.