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EcoFog Model 2
Fogging System


A unique feature of our EcoFog Model 2 is a countdown timer which can be set to spray for virtually any length of time required.

This versatile mode can operate up to 3 nozzles if required provided sufficient compressed air is available. Each fogging nozzle can be mounted on either extendable tripods or used with handheld lances, permitting three different rooms to be sprayed at one time.

The system is mounted on a quality aluminium trolley with puncture-proof tyres allowing easy handling around furniture and obstacles.

EcoFog 2 Control Panel EcoFog 2 Trolley

The panel selector switch features three modes; constant, standby and timer. The countdown timer lets the operator set a desired length of time which automatically stops the spray on completion.

The system is supplied with a 19 litre pressure tank which is carried on the same trolley. It is possible to link two tanks together to provide a volume of 38 litres from one filling.

EcoFog Model 2
Adjustable Tripod


  • Robust construction
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Industrial grade electronics
  • Sanitise up to 3 rooms
  • Automatic operation
  • Doesn't cause over wetting
  • Low disinfectant usage