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Disinfection Systems


When regular everyday sanitisation is required, it can be beneficial to install a permanent spraying system into a place of work or similar.

High numbers of irregular visiting public in one room such as sports halls, gyms, theatres, cinemas, etc demand maximum protection after each visit. However, manual spraying around such venues is very time consuming and costly.

By installing a fixed system within the fabric of a building, the area can be fogged automatically whenever the space is empty or closed - ie at night.

Installing our sonicom fogging nozzle on a common control feed, complete fogging can take place without over wetting equipment ensuring all areas are treated and sanitised before business opening hours.


  • Low operating costs
  • Ultra-fine 5 micron droplets
  • Custom designed for each customer
  • Fully automated and can be linked to existing controls
  • Doesn't damage sensitive equipment
  • Low disinfectant usage

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